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2020..Off and running.

2019 was an amazing year for us, both for the band and personally.

we did our first European tour, Put on a doomed and Stoned Festival in Milwaukee, WI (with an amazing group of guys I might add), did two U.S. tours, and played a ton of cool regional shows with bands like Brant Bjork, Crobot, and Left Lane Cruiser. Though we played fewer shows than have in the previous years, life is great and the time off was needed.

I bought a house, got married to an amazing woman, and was able to spend some time at home with family, which I really needed!

After such an amazing 2019, 2020 will be hard to top..but we plan on even better things including a new record, and lots of dates out on the road! First tour of 2020 will be one you won’t want to miss! March 6th we head out with Houston based riff monsters, Doomstress! This 4 piece band is no joke and we are super stoked to have them along. Make sure you check them out if you aren’t Familiar. They recently had #10 album on the Doom charts! Dates are listed below. Hope to see you soon!


2019 is coming to a close..

Well, 2019 was quite a year. We stayed home more than we have in a long time and alot of amazing things went down. We went to Europe, got to play with Legendary Desert rock pioneer Brant Bjork, and I got married to an amazing woman! It’s been a pretty insane year full of amazing things!

November 22-23rd we play the first annual Wisconsin Doomed and Stoned festival. I worked hard and long on this one with a great group of guys. Seann Page of High Gallows, Cody James of Attalla, Al Kraemer of the Moon rats and Kevin Pappas formerly of the band Gravedirt. This fest features some great bands like: Mothership, Ape Machine, Telekinetic Yeti, Toke, Droids Attack, High Gallows, Moon Rats, Wardehns, Lost Tribes of the moon, Vanishing Kids, Cold Black River, and of course us! Tickets are available here. It will take place at the Cooperage in Milwaukee. Doors 5pm. $20 for 1 day, $30 for both.

We also decided to squeeze one more tour in before the end of year. We will be heading out for two weeks starting on November 29th. See Full lost of dates HERE on Bandsintown. Come say hey and help us end 2019 with a bang. Thanks everyone for the support and love. We will see you on the road somewhere soon!


How was Europe? Got a minute? I’ll tell ya!

Man oh man! Europe was full of ups and downs, great memories and new friends! Would we do it again? Hell yes we would..and likely will from the sounds of it.

First off big thank you to Kurt De Bont at Rootstown booking for filling every single day of an 18 day run with good paying shows. We made money and even after paying for flights, tour manager and drum rental, we came home with more american dollars than could fit in our wallets!

Raut Oak fest was definitely the highlight of the whole run and easily the best show. So many killer bands, including Left lane cruiser, James Leg, Radio Moscow, The Pack A.D., The Maness Bros., damn! I wish we couldv’e stayed for both days.

Orange Amplifiers and Gretsch guitars were a huge help and backlined us for the tour. Both amazing companies with amazing support!

Between the food, the scenery, the history and the people, we were very pleased with the tour. Vinyl sold out in a week and shirts were almost gone at the end of the run. Merch sales were fantastic as you’d expect. We heard alot about how much people over there love music and they were right!

My gallbladder surgery being so fresh (3 weeks before we got on the plane) made things a little less enjoyable for me and at one point I thought I may have had a hernia (good news is i do not!) And we had some bad reviews by two bloggers (one called me fat and said I probably ruined my gallbladder with cheeseburgers, the other said Mitch was “disrespectful” to his cymbals! Both said we were “too loud”. But I guess you can’t please everyone.

The majority of people we met and bands we played with were all very nice and the promoters and staff at all the venues and festivals were mostly all great.

All in all it was a very cool experience and we hope to do it again soon with some minor tweaks and changes. Thanks everyone for all the support! We couldn’t have done Europe without all of our tour family!

Love and kisses,

Mitch & Tom

Raut Oak Festival

Well, the tour is almost over and tonight we play Raut Oak festival in Reigsee, Germany. This show tonight will be the biggest of this tour and it is the reason we are over here. The bill is unbelieveable and has some HEAVY hitters like: Radio Moscow, Left lane cruiser, James Leg, The Pack A.D., The Maness Bros., Freight Train Rabit Killer, Earth Tongue, and a whole lot more.

It is also Mitch’s Birthday tomorrow, so we plan on celebrating it at Raut Oak!

See you there!

-Tom and Mitch