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Well, 2020 has been different hasn’t it? In March we headed out on tour with Doomstress. After a little over the halfway marker, Covid hit and venues were in a panic. Some closed, some were at reduced capacity, so after discussing with our tour mates in Doomstress…we reluctantly decided to pack it in and head home.

when we got home, we figured we would be back at it again soon, out there on the road. Unfortunately here we are, 9 months later. The world is a different place, masks and social distancing are regular topics of discussion and live music has been put on the back burner for now. So what did we do in that 9 months? Well, we recorded a two song EP with two cover songs, Worked on writing the next record and finally finished our trademark. We did some live streams and played a couple of outdoor festivals, but mainly we took some time to be with family and enjoy the outdoors over summer.

Now with winter here we are looking forward to releasing our Digital EP “Year of the Jackalope” (sorry folks, digital only for now). Titled after the craziest year of our lives. Why a Jackalope? We couldn’t think of a crazier creature to symbolize the poo taco that 2020 has been. January 22nd the two cover song EP will drop and features our renditions of ZZ Top’s “Just got paid” as well as “Midnight train to Memphis” by Chris Stapleton. You can listen to Just got paid HERE, on Soundcloud. You can also pre save the album on Spotify which helps us get noticed for their editorial playlists HERE. If you’s like to preorder your download of the EP, you can do in our merch store AND snag a 12×12 poster plus a 4×4 sticker of the killer album cover by Dan Biesel. Preorder yours HERE.

Hope you are all safe and well, and we hope to see you soon out on the road when we can again have shows safely.

hugs and kisses,

Mitch & Tom