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2019 was an amazing year for us, both for the band and personally.

we did our first European tour, Put on a doomed and Stoned Festival in Milwaukee, WI (with an amazing group of guys I might add), did two U.S. tours, and played a ton of cool regional shows with bands like Brant Bjork, Crobot, and Left Lane Cruiser. Though we played fewer shows than have in the previous years, life is great and the time off was needed.

I bought a house, got married to an amazing woman, and was able to spend some time at home with family, which I really needed!

After such an amazing 2019, 2020 will be hard to top..but we plan on even better things including a new record, and lots of dates out on the road! First tour of 2020 will be one you won’t want to miss! March 6th we head out with Houston based riff monsters, Doomstress! This 4 piece band is no joke and we are super stoked to have them along. Make sure you check them out if you aren’t Familiar. They recently had #10 album on the Doom charts! Dates are listed below. Hope to see you soon!