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Covid has been a bummer for a lot of people but the music industry has really been hit hard. Talk of tours has been happening a bit now and from what we have heard, we could see a tour in late 2021 if these rumors are true. We will keep you posted and as soon as we can hit the road again rest assured, we will!

In the meantime, we released our EP “Year of the Jackalope” last month and the response has been fantastic! Thanks everyone for streaming it and downloading. We had our doubts about doing two cover songs, we were concerned people might not warm up to covers rather than new originals. We were however pleasantly surprised. Our cover of ZZ Top’s “Just got paid” has been added to several playlists and is enjoying a ton of plays lately. We also did a music video in the basement for the other cover, Chris Stapleton’s “Midnight Train to Memphis”. You can check it out here. Please feel free to leave comments and tell us what you think. It was our first foray into music videos and we had some help with editing but we are fairly proud of our gopro work!

We will be trying to perfect our streaming capability in the hopes of providing you guys with better quality live stream shows. Look for more of those coming very soon!

Hopefully shows are around the corner, we sure miss playing but more than anything we miss seeing all of you! Take care of yourselves and the person next to you, and with some luck we will see you very soon!

love and kisses,

-Mitch & Tom